Summer businesses benefitting from hot weather

NOW: Summer businesses benefitting from hot weather

CASSOPOLIS, Ind. --- Seasonal businesses are staying open a little longer due to unusual weather at the beginning of fall.

Michiana is way above the average fall weather in September. The average first day of fall weather in the region is a high 72 degrees and low 51 degrees. On Friday, the high was 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

“This is really kind of an unusual fall this year,” said Cathy Snyder, owner of Snyder Pool and Spa stores.

At her store, the staff has winter pool essentials out for customers. Snyder said they’ve already done some pool closings, which cost around $90, getting ready for the season to end on November 1.

“We just had a call yesterday from somebody that recently opened their pool,” Snyder said. “Now, it’s so warm some of them are probably wishing they hadn’t done it.”

Down the road at Diamond Lake Ice Cream Parlor, Joann Burkett said ice cream is good any time of the year.

The parlor is just like any other seasonal business: it starts up in the spring, peaks in June or July, and then sees a steady decline getting to the fall and winter months.

“With it being hot ice cream is still a big seller,”  Burkett said.

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