Summer sand soccer camp making coming to Mishawaka

NOW: Summer sand soccer camp making coming to Mishawaka


ST. JOSEPH COUNTY, Ind. – A not so typical weeklong outdoor summer camp is making its way to Mishawaka for the first time this week. 

It's called sand soccer, it's the same as regular soccer, except you’re playing in the sand rather than a grass field.  

  “You’re going to sink a little bit more, the ball is not going to roll as it does, and the kids really need to learn how to lift the balls up and have better control,” James Ortega, the founder of Futbolores said.

The summer sand soccer camp will take place at Outpost Bikes, formerly known as Outpost Sports off of Grape Rd in Mishawaka starting Monday, July 13. 

The week-long camp is designed to teach kids to balance, strength, and coordination. Ortega tells me kids will be doing obstacles and soccer drills during the camp. 

 “All the same rules apply just like you play soccer, it’s just a 4V4. And in this camp, we’re just going to have about 20 kids and it should be a lot of fun,” Ortega said. “Kids are going to learn how to keep the ball up so it’s going to be a little more technical a little more strength training and getting back in shape.”

The summer sand soccer camp is for kids ages eight to 14 and costs $130 to register. You can register at

Next month, Futbolores will host its second annual Sand Soccer Tournament. The two-day tournament will take place on August 1 and August 2 for adult men and women and youth. Teams will consist of one goalie and three players. Registration for the tournament is now open and it costs $150 per team. You can register on their website at

 “It brings a whole new concept to just soccer, and also it’s new to South Bend cause we’re on sand but we don’t have the ocean or lake. So at Outpost Sports they really, really kind of accepted us, they love what we brought to the city," Ortega said. 

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