Summer Sizzles partners with Elkhart schools for student program

NOW: Summer Sizzles partners with Elkhart schools for student program

ELKHART, Ind. -- The Summer Sizzles program will be partnering with Elkhart Community Schools in order to bring fun activities and learning opportunities to students over the summer, starting on Monday.

Open to all students grades K-12, Summer Sizzles will be spread out through multiple locations in Elkhart County.

This partnership program includes camps and events from The Elkhart Boys and Girls Club, Lifeline Summer Camp, Elkhart Summer STEM Camp, Camp Elkhart, Summerscape Day Camp, Five Star Life and Elkhart City Parks Camp Connection.

According to Elkhart Community Schools Superintendent, Steve Thalheimer, the program focuses on engaging students in innovative ways in order to avoid learning drop-offs over the break, and help children continue to develop social skills.

“We know it's important as kids head into the summer to avoid any kind of learning loss, particularly after the past couple years with COVID that we have some opportunities for kids to continue that learning, and to also work on their social development and have opportunities to build community,” said Thalheimer.

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