Sunny days, length of daylight increasing for Michiana

After a very gloomy start to 2021, skies were filled with sunshine at times on Friday. Some spots recorded the most sun of 2021.

We can thank a north/northeast wind for drying us out enough for the sun to break through across Michiana skies. On average, we have to muddle through 2 weeks of cloudy days every January. 

And, there's more good news: more sunshine is in the forecast. Mostly sunny skies are expected on Saturday and Monday, with at least some sunshine likely on Tuesday and Wednesday of next week. 

Not only are we expecting more sunshine, but we will be getting more daylight for the rest of the winter. By the end of January, our daylight length crosses the 10 hour threshold. We can look forward to 11 hours of daylight starting February 23rd.

Sunshine is a rarity this time of year for Michiana, so enjoy it while it's there! 

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