Sunshine today - Breezy, rainy and mild Wednesday

NOW: Sunshine today - Breezy, rainy and mild Wednesday

Enjoy the sunshine and calm weather today! Rain moves in tonight with scattered showers mainly Wednesday morning and afternoon. Rumbles of thunder are possible but look more likely for Wednesday night into Thursday morning. Winds pick up through Wednesday turning very gusty on Thursday. Isolated power outages are possible again. Temperatures make a big jump into the mid-60s by Thursday but scattered showers keep us soggy with only a couple breaks in the evening. Temperatures then take a turn on Friday, dropping from the low 40s with mixed showers possible early.

Today: Mostly sunny, high of 48.

Tonight: Cloudy, rain moving in, low of 38.

Wednesday: Scattered showers, becoming breezy, high of 56.

Thursday: Windy, gusts topping 50 mph, rain showers and thunder, high of 66.

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