Superintendent Seawood talks Benton Harbor School budget cuts

BENTON HARBOR, Mich. -- With just weeks to cut $4 million out of their budget, the Benton Harbor School Board met Thursday to discuss possible solutions.  

There is a lot on the line, but Superintendent, Dr. Leonard Seawood says payroll is not at risk at right now.  

He says, as of right now, the board has one proposal to give to the state.  

"We are talking about everything from our contracted services, like transportation, to custodial services, to security."  

Superintendent Dr. Leonard Seawood says the struggle comes in trying to make financial cuts without affecting teachers and students.   "

What we are trying to do is hold teaching and learning harmless, we're not trying to impact our classrooms."  

But he says the stakes are high and nothing is off the table.  

"85-percent of our budget is in people so it may come down to that. It's not an option for us not to get the budget approved, that has all kinds of consequences for us," Seawood explained.  

If the state does not approve the budget changes by mid-October, the state will temporarily stop funding the schools, until the board comes up with a budget that the state is in favor of.

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