Surge in early voting across Indiana

SOUTH BEND, Ind – There has been a surge in early voting across Indiana. 

As of Thursday more than 292,000 Indiana voters voted early, that is more than double the approximately 137,000 early voters in Indiana in the 2014 midterm election cycle. 

“I’m excited to see that a lot more people are voting,” Indiana voter Amy Kryston said. 

Early voting in Indiana began on October 10thin most counties while it began on Friday in Marion county and continues through November 5th

Indiana resident Christa Atsiaya says she believes people want to be a part of the process.

“Social media is a powerful tool and I think that people just want to be more involved in what happens in their communities and the nation,” Atsiaya said. 

Experts say that unlike in the past early voting numbers aren’t necessarily an indicator of overall voter turnout. 

Early voting is ongoing in South Bend and continues through November 5th. 

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