Surveillance video captures men breaking into car dealership and stealing 3 cars

NOW: Surveillance video captures men breaking into car dealership and stealing 3 cars


MISHAWAKA, Ind. --  Police are on the hunt for two men who broke into a Mishawaka car dealership and drove off with three cars.

It all happened just before 11:00 Monday night at the Lucky 7 Car Store on McKinnley Avenue.

"We left last night, made sure everything was locked up, came in this morning and found the cars missing and the glass broken in and we started reviewing the tapes and that's when we kind of matched everything up," said General Manager, Travis Dice.

The surveillance tapes showing the two men breaking in a front window. They get scared off at first by an alarm before coming back again about 25 minutes later. They then bust down a door where the keys are kept and start driving cars off the lot.

“It was a black BMW 750, a purple Dodge Charger and a silver Lexus RX400," said Dice.

The estimated value for the cars alone is $25,000 - $30,000. They also stole the keys to twelve additional vehicles.

"We've been dealing with that all day having to get keys cut, get tow trucks out here to get the vehicles picked up and a lot of them are going to be special order keys because they are for Lexus, Cadillac and BMWs," said Dice.

A closer look at the surveillance video revealed something even more shocking. The same two men who broke in were at the store earlier in the day.

"It was just too coincidental," said Dice. "The same vehicles they were looking at are the same vehicles that came up missing."

According to Dice, they’ve dealt with break ins before.

"We have three stores -- one in Fort Wayne, one in Warsaw and this Mishawaka location and in the last two years we've had 15 incidences up here," said Dice.

He says, unfortunately it’s the customers who will suffer most from this.

"We want to give the best price that we can to everybody just like other car dealers and unfortunately when this kind of stuff happens that cost isn't something we can absorb," said Dice.

He’s hoping someone watching will be able to identify the men and keep them from striking again.

Mishawaka Police were able to get fingerprints and blood left behind from one of the men who got cut on the broken glass.

If you have any information contact Mishawaka Police.

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