Suspect allegedly leads police on two county high speed chase

A woman who was being chased by Goshen Police was arrested by La Grange County Sheriff's Department after a high speed chase Thursday.

Deputies said Goshen Police contacted them about a white Nissan Altima that was approaching the La Grange County line around noon.

Goshen Police said the pursuit started in Goshen and proceeded east on SR4, north on the La Grange County line.
The chase proceeded into La Grange County at high speeds, deputies said.

La Grange County Deputies placed stop sticks at CR375 W 100 S and La Grange Police placed stop sticks at 3200 W 100 S. The driver ran over both sets of stop sticks and finally stopped at CR250W and W CR100 S.

The driver, identified as 30-year-old Lindsay Grate of La Grange, was taken into custody and transported to Elkhart by Goshen Police.

Grate also had warrants out of Elkhart and La Grange counties.

Grate has been charged with criminal recklessness in a vehicle, driving while being a habitual traffic violator, and resisting law enforcement.

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