Suspect attempts to bite K9 officer

NOW: Suspect attempts to bite K9 officer

RACINE, Wis. – A Wisconsin man was charged after he tried to bite a K9 officer.

Deputy David Fisher and Murphy responded to a call of a man pounding on windows and doors, and would not leave.

Leland O’Malley, 44, was approached by the deputy and K9 just before midnight on Monday.

The body cam showed the deputy approaching O’Malley and warning him that if he approached too quickly, the dog would bite.

O’Malley approached the officers too quickly, and Murphy charged him.

According to the deputy, O’Malley tried to bite Murphy.

After O’Malley assaulted the K9 officer, the deputy contained him.

O’Malley was charged with striking a police animal, resisting an officer, and disorderly conduct.

Murphy was not injured.

"So, here's the bright side: I don't have a deputy sheriff that's injured or killed. The dog is not injured, so this is a win-win. And the suspect: we did not have to use another level of force to overcome his resistance." Sheriff Christopher Schmaling said.

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