Suspect in fatal shooting in Benton Harbor charged with murder

NOW: Suspect in fatal shooting in Benton Harbor charged with murder

BENTON HARBOR, Mich. - Formal charges coming down Monday for the suspect involved in a Benton Harbor shooting that left one person dead and another injured.

On Monday, Eric Holbrook was arraigned on three counts, including the open murder of Arsenio Jordan and some charges in an unrelated incident.

Eric Holbrook was formally charged with the murder of Arsenio Jordan. He was also charged with assault with intent to murder Kiyeasha Jordan and carrying a firearm with intent to commit a felony.

In court Monday, a judge entered a not guilty plea on Holbrook’s behalf.

The shooting happened on July 31st in the 800 block of Superior Street in Benton Harbor.

Officers were called out to the area around 4:30 p.m. because people heard gunshots.

When investigators got to the scene, Arsenio Jordan was already dead. Kiyeasha Jordan was injured and taken to the hospital.

“At 834 superior, Benton Harbor city, Berrien County Michigan, that you did murder Arsenio Jordan. That is open murder. Life is the maximum penalty,” Judge Sterling Schrock said.

Holbrook was in court today to hear his charges and set the bond.

“I’m going to deny bond on 20192861 so as to be consistent with the codefendant,” Schrock said.

The codefendant, in this case, is Eric’s brother. Dennis Holbrook was arraigned last Monday.

According to the Berrien County Prosecutor, he was formally charged with open murder, assault with attempt to murder, and felony firearm. He’ll be back in court this Wednesday.

Those in the Superior neighborhood are saying the area hasn’t been the same since that deadly day.

“It’s back to normal but not back to normal, like my kids still haven’t been outside,” Omesha Berry said.

Berry remembers hearing the gunshots.

“I put my kids in the back and then I look out the window. It was kids in shock and it was kids running. I was just like, I had to yell out the door ‘go home!’” Berry said.

And she hopes since many kids witnessed it, that it won’t negatively affect them in the future.

“People need to start thinking outside of their situation and what a change reaction is. You know what I mean? Because one incident can change how a kid thinks,” she said.

A memorial is laid out in front of Arsenio Jordan’s aunt's house right now.

“I’m praying for both families because losing one to murder and losing one to the prison system, either way, its loss,” she said.

Berry said she just want the neighborhood to get better and for people to think about the consequences.

“If you shoot that gun, ain’t no coming back from that,” she said.

Arsenio Jordan’s aunt didn’t want to go on camera but said she just wants justice for her nephew.

She also let us know that Jordan’s funeral is this Friday.

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