Suspect, mother speak about fatal crash that killed 7-year-old Mishawaka boy

NOW: Suspect, mother speak about fatal crash that killed 7-year-old Mishawaka boy

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- The woman accused of hitting and killing a seven-year-old Mishawaka boy in June, spoke out for the first time Monday.

22-year-old Kayla Bennett appear in court Monday morning for her initial hearing. Bennett apologized for driving over Briyson Councell. Bennett said it was an accident. Briyson's mother, Brittney Councell, said "sorry" won't bring her son back. 

"I'm sorry," said Bennett. "There's nothing that will bring him back and it was a complete accident. Nobody plans to do that. It's a nightmare."

Bennett is charged in with one count of causing death when operating a motor vehicle with a controlled substance in the blood. 

"He's a little boy," said Bennett. "He had so much life to live."

The St. Joseph County Prosecutor's office said on June 1, Bennett ran over Briyson, while he was playing the backyard of his Mishawaka home with his older sister. Briyson died later that evening at the hospital. According to the PCA, Bennett allegedly had inactive and active THC in her system at the time. 

"It was the worst day of my life," said Councell. 

Two months later, and Councell said her family is still grieving. 

"Life is not the same," said Councell. "My daughter, she cries a lot. Our family is obviously torn apart by it. I mean it's just completely life changing."

Councell said she tried talking to Bennett about the accident, but Bennett allegedly blocked Councell on social media. So, Councell said Monday's apology didn't mean much.

"The girl hasn't shown any remorse or any sort of empathy, sympathy, any apologies, nothing," said Councell. 

Councell said she's focusing on justice for Briyson. 

"He was perfect, that's the main thing I can say," said Councell. "He was the sweetest little boy. I just hope that the judge makes the right choice." 

Bennett's hearing was set for further status on August 24. Bennett requested additional time to hire counsel. 

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