Suspect's vehicle in Elkhart's hit and run has been found, community responds

NOW: Suspect’s vehicle in Elkhart’s hit and run has been found, community responds


ELKHART, Ind.- ABC57 first told you the suspect’s car, a 1999 silver Cadillac, was found in a parking lot of a local business and now the community is responding.

Tuesday night, at the same time Saturday night’s fatal accident happened Elkhart Sergeant Chris Snyder and Mayor Tim Neese address the public and confirmed they found the suspect’s vehicle.

Now, neighbors say they are willing to help. “I think about it all the time and watch on TV and keep with it to see if they’ve caught the person that did this thing to this poor family,” says Lisa Walters.

Walters grew up in Michiana and although she didn’t know the victims or the family in this tragic hit and run, she has experienced tragedy of her own.

“In a way I feel like I did because I have grandchildren also,” she says. “I lost a grandbaby that was premature, not in the same way as these poor people but I feel that I can feel their pain.”

Walters came to drop off some flowers at the memorial and even has a message for the suspect.

“I hope you have the conscience whoever did this. Please turn yourself in. Things won’t be as bad, unless you run,” says Walters.

The Elkhart Police say they found the 1999 silver Cadillac at Yellow Dog Extrusions on Frederic Drive. The vehicle was covered in a tarp and parked in the parking lot.

Again, the police and community want this case to be solved and bring justice to the affected families.

The location where the vehicle was found is about five miles away from the crime scene. Walters says she thinks many are driving distracted which has to stop.

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