Suspicious vehicle in Elkhart County causes concerns among neighbors

NOW: Suspicious vehicle in Elkhart County causes concerns among neighbors


A suspicious vehicle is now sparking concern among neighbors in Elkhart County. The county sheriff’s department says an old pickup truck was spotted in a driveway in Osolo Township.

Only ABC57 had a one on one with a witness who not only saw the truck, but is fearful about her safety.

“She had waved to me and that’s when I noticed the guy putting the panel back on the fence and she had moved the truck up and then i went around,” said this witness. For her safety, she decided to remain anonymous.

She tells ABC57 she’s been living in the Fawn Meadow sub-division for four years and has never seen anything suspicious around Red Thistle Drive.

But on Monday as she was leaving her home around 1:30 p.m. a pickup truck was blocking her way.

“I didn’t think anything usual,” she said. “I just saw the truck there, they didn’t act like they were sneaking around. Had I known something was up, I would have paid more attention.”

Elkhart County Captain James Bradberry says they received a call from another neighbor who saw a suspicious vehicle in someone’s driveway,  minutes later.

“It was unknown to that neighbor what these people were doing,” says Bradberry.

Bradberry says  three people were spotted along with this older model Chevy pickup, thanks to another neighbor’s surveillance video. “There were two males, one female. The female was acting like the look out, watching to see if anyone is watching them.”

As soon as police arrived on scene, the vehicle and suspects were gone.

“At this point we don’t know that anything was taken, but just the nature of the call, the suspicious activity, why were they there and why were they on someone else’s property?” asked Bradberry.

According to Bradberry their main goal is to spread the word so people can be aware of this situation. “The homeowners were contacted and they had no clue who these people were. nobody wants their things taken or their privacy violated.”

“It’s disturbing because it’s daylight and they were in our neighborhood,” says the witness. “It’s like they watch your house to know when you’re gone.”

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