Swarbrick supported Kelly's decision to fire Brian VanGorder


Notre Dame Athletic Director Jack Swarbrick spoke with ABC57 about the firing of Defensive Coordinator Brian VanGorder.

Swarbrick says he fully supports Head Coach Brian Kelly and said the decision to fire VanGorder wasn't a snap decision based on one game. He says they have been talking about it for a while.

"It was very easy for me to be supportive, to tell him I absolutely approved of his decision and he should move ahead," Swarbrick said.

Swarbrick was confident in Kelly's decision.

Swarbrick: It was immediately obvious and why it was important to do.

Allison Hayes: If Brian Kelly had not come to you when he did about Brian VanGorder, would that have been a move that you felt was necessary to make?

Swarbrick: It's not that I would have said we need to do X or Y, that's not the nature of our relationship. I would offer suggestions or observations and he would respond to the them and it probably would have taken us to this topic, as it was, he preempted me with a phone call.

Hayes: Now that the decision has been made to let go of the defensive coordinator do you feel that Coach Kelly is taking the team in the right direction?

Swarbrick: Coach Kelly has my complete confidence. It's a long season. We are all disappointed. I think he has continued to adapt as he's needed to. I think the program is in great shape.

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