SWAT responds to home in South Bend

SOUTH BEND, Ind.- A call for a home invasion resulted in a stand off with SWAT Thursday morning. 

South Bend Police were dispatched for a call about a possible home invasion, which they confirm is not the case.

When they arrived to check out the home, they allegedly heard the racking of a gun. 

That's when they made the decision to step back and call the SWAT team.

Nearby Kennedy Academy was shut down while the SWAT team negotiated three of the suspects out of the house. 

The fourth had to be pulled out by authorities, but he was later arrested on an unrelated warrant. 

Nearby neighbors said they're not surprised this happened in that neighborhood. 

"There’s an issue. South bend needs to get this together," said former neighbor Sharee Tierney.

None of the suspects names have been made public.

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