Swiss Valley opens for skiing Friday

We are just a few weeks into winter and already more than a foot of snow has fallen in Michiana. At Swiss Valley Ski & Snowboard Area, they say the snow is priceless. This year they're going to be able to open three weeks earlier than last year.

"Mother Nature kind of has robbed us the last few years so we are just very, very enthused about what December has brought us so far," said Marketing Director Jamie Stafne,

In less than 48 hours, Swiss Valley will be open for business and hundreds of skiers will suit up and take to the slopes

"We look forward to days like this because our customers love days like this," said Stafne.

That means business

"We're finally happy to have what we're considering a true winter that started early in December," said Stafne.

Stafne says in this industry, Mother Nature calls the shots.

Last year, Swiss Valley couldn't open until December 30th because even with the blowers making man-made snow, there just wasn't enough.

"Missing that the last couple years has been disappointing," said Stafne.

Man-made snow is not cheap. To cover all of the skiable areas at Swiss Valley with ten inches of man-made snow costs about $40,000.

Swiss Valley is hoping this will be a good season.

"Getting a good start like this is pretty important. Everybody's ready and so are we," said Stafne.


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