SWMI hiring agency looking to fill nearly 150 positions despite pandemic

NOW: SWMI hiring agency looking to fill nearly 150 positions despite pandemic

BENTON HARBOR, Mich. -- Despite the pandemic, there are still quite a few job openings in southwest Michigan.

Express Employment Professionals has set up hiring events at various employers throughout the region where you can interview for a job, and potentially get an offer, on the spot.

The hiring agency has nearly one 150 openings across Berrien, Cass and Van Buren counties, saying this stems from employers being ready to get their businesses running at full steam again. They then team up with some of these employers to hold job fairs on site.

Even though the economy has taken a significant hit, Express Employment said there’s actually no need to worry about getting a job in southwest Michigan if you’re ready to get back to work now.

“What we’re seeing now is people are ready to get back to normal, they want some semblance of a normal life that they remember having back in 2019 so we’re really looking for those folks who are ready to take that next step in getting back to normal but we also have an economy that’s ready to get going again,” said Ryan Smith, owner of Express Employment Professionals.

Whether you’d like to work in an office or factory, the openings span over just about all industries.

“Manufacturing, hourly positions – first, second, third shift,” said Smith. “We also do a lot of administrative work and then what we call professional positions – accounting, engineering, high level manufacturing – salary type roles. We’re a full service staffing organization for the business and the folks looking for work.”

You can also call Express Employment Professionals at 269-408-1980 to get into their office and apply for open positions.

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