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Synthetic marijuana and tobacco found in common area at Westville prison

Photo courtesy of the Indiana Department of Correction

WESTVILLE, Ind.—A “large amount” of synthetic marijuana and tobacco was located inside of Westville Correctional Facility on February 14, according to the Indiana Department of Correction.

On February 14, a lead captain at the prison found alleged K2, a synthetic marijuana, and tobacco hidden in a common area.

A field test was conducted and confirmed the presence of K2 and tobacco.

In total, 139.9 grams of K2 and 4.7 grams of tobacco were located.

Officials did not say if any inmates or staff members were involved in the incident.

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Lisa 43 days ago
Hey news ppl...your a little late on the times!!! Why dont you investigate every single prison. In indiana!!!! I know first hand about the drugs coming in...makes me sick!!!! And it's the guards and wardens bringing it in!!! The profit they make daily is more then some bring home in a months time...I think it's time some serious light has been brought to this issue!!!!
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