Syracuse's high scoring offense could upset Notre Dame's 10-0 season

NOW: Syracuse’s high scoring offense could upset Notre Dame’s 10-0 season

The experts in the world of college football have circled Saturday's matchup between Syracuse and Notre Dame- saying the high scoring Orangemen offense could be the first team to expose a Notre Dame weakness.

But the defense has been stout and it's been a collective effort.  

The Irish have only given up 6 passing touchdowns this season.

Eight different players have registered sacks while 11 players have created turnovers.

"It speaks to our preparation and the work that we've put into it as a brotherhood. And the commitment that we have to one another to be the best and we just want to be the best for our brothers each and every week, like however, whichever week that is or however that comes. Everybody's always prepared," said Daelin Hayes, Notre Dame defensive lineman.

While Syracuse's offense has been getting a lot of attention the Orangemen defense has been disruptive forcing eight fumbles and 14 interceptions this season and they're not intimidated by the 10-and-0 Irish.

"They're very dynamic and they've got a lot of athletes and they're going to be a good challenge, but we're up for it.  Our defense is definitely up for it. They have two quarterbacks that can go and have two different styles and that creates a challenge but I'm prepared for those guys," said Kendall Coleman, Syracuse defensive lineman.

The Syracuse offense scores an average of 44 points per game and runs an up tempo offense, similar to Wake Forest- who the Irish beat 56-to-27 earlier this season.

Irish D-lineman Kurt Hinish says the team has honed in on that and gotten extra conditioning this week in practice and the key will be to stop the run and eliminate big plays.

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