Tailgates bring out Irish Spirit

NOTRE DAME, Ind. -- Fans came out to Notre Dame's campus on Saturday to take part in some tailgating. Those fans lined campus early in the morning, with tents, food, and even some drinks in hand.

Fans started early Saturday morning and continued until well after the game ended.

Fans came from all over, and they say no matter how far they've traveled, Notre Dame is worth it.

“Where else would you want to be on a football Saturday? This is the place to be on any Saturday any time in the fall," says Chris Miles, Notre Dame Class of 1983. "I can’t wait to get back here, it’s a long trip but it is worth it in every way.”

If you don't know the person in the next spot, don't worry says Jeff Kohler, a Notre Dame alum, everyone become friends here.

“We have graduates, we have friends of graduates, there is a number of people here that we would be happy to have become friends over the years," says Jeff Kohler. "We never went to school with them and we are from all different parts of the country.”

“This is the Mecca of football, this is awesome I mean, this is the life right here," says Brian Noecker, Notre Dame fan. "We live for this stuff, six weekends a year it’s all about Notre Dame, that’s why we are here.”

While it is all about getting ready for the action on the field, fans say that it's all about the camaraderie that Notre Dame creates.

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