Take the Polar Plunge and help the Special Olympics

NOW: Take the Polar Plunge and help the Special Olympics

SOUTH BEND, Ind. – The annual Polar Plunge, a fundraiser held by the Special Olympics, is happening on February 29 at the South Bend Cubs’ Four Winds field.

People that want to participate in the plunge can pay a $75 minimum with all proceeds going to the Special Olympics.

A pre-splash bash will take place in the stadium club where “plungers” will be offered food and drinks.

The overall goal of the event is $24,000 with the personal team goal being $1000. Donations are even being accepted the day of the event in order to reach these goals.

“It really is a great time because it’s the unofficial kick off to the south bend cubs season. We’re out here, a little cold, but we’re here at the ball park. It’s a beautiful sunny day and we’re looking forward to getting things kicked off for the 2020 season,” Chris Hagstrom-Jones said, who is the Director of Media and Public Relations for the South Bend Cubs.

“I think the weather, whether it’s cold or warm doesn’t necessarily play that big of an affect. People come out here because it’s a great cause. I think there will be more people because it’s sunny and a little warmer but regardless we’ll have a great turnout. Year after year it just gets bigger and bigger,” Chris replied in regards to the weather.

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