Talking fire safety with your children

School is back in session for some Michiana students and some of them could be left home alone until their parents come home.

Now is an ideal time for parents to talk to their children about fire safety. 

According to the U.S. Fire Administration, house fires are the leading property type for fire-related deaths, which amounts to about 75%. In 2013, 334 children died in house fires. House fires are one of the most dangerous types of fires because they can spread quickly and can leave families with minutes to respond.

Parents should teach their children the importance of checking smoke alarms to make sure they are working and show them how to respond when the alarms go off. This means getting low to the ground in cases where there is smoke. Children who have fire safety education have a better chance of surviving fires than those who do not.

A set plan is the best way to be protected from a fire. Only one out of every three American households have a developed and practiced plan for how to escape during a fire, according to the National Fire Protection Association. 

Parents are encouraged to draw a map of the floor plan that shows all doors and windows as well as talk about the plan with everyone in the home.

There should be at least two planned ways to get out of every room if possible. This means using all accessible doors and windows.

It is important to have a safe place to meet outside the home so everyone can be accounted for. Example of this could be a tree, light pole, or mailbox.

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