Talking to your kids about the tornado

We spoke with a counselor from Oak Lawn about tips for talking to your kids about these events.

She says to keep answers simple and not to answer questions your kids don’t ask.

Minimizing a child's exposure to the images and news of the tornado is also a good idea to ease anxiety.

  • Keep calm when talking to kids about the event. It is important to monitor your own demeanor around kids when discussing the disaster.

  • Minimize exposure to news and images about the incident.

  • Don’t' sweep it under the rug, but the more they hear and see the more anxious they'll be

  • Do not give kids a sense of false reassurance. Do not say things like, "you are safe." or "that won't happen here." Instead, say things like, "there is a very small chance that could happen/it is unlikely." and "There are lots of people who will do everything they can to keep you safe."

  • Kids may need more attention during this time.

  • Keep up a normal routine

  • Talk about what you would do in a severe whether threat. Practice/drill at home.

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