Talks continue, changes could come ahead of SBCSC Focus 2018 vote

NOW: Talks continue, changes could come ahead of SBCSC Focus 2018 vote

SOUTH BEND, Ind.—Monday was the final South Bend Community School Corporation board meeting before school trustees will take a vote on the Focus 2018 plan.

The vote is scheduled for the next board meeting on December 18th, but, board members say there is still a lot to discuss.

The corporation’s plans include closing three schools and redrawing the neighborhood boundaries.

Public comment has been welcomed consistently since the plan was first proposed last month. But, board members say they have questions that need to be answered before they can make a decision.

At-Large Member John Anella says he wants a better idea of how much money Focus 2018 will save the corporation.

“I would like that to be spelled out a little bit more clearly and disseminated to the public. I mean, we keep talking about the cost savings, now we need to show them. I know there’s some fluidity in how they are broken down, but, I at least want to see estimates,” says Anella.

He also wants to be able to provide clarity to the staff and students of the schools that will be shut down.

The plan has been received well by many in the community, but, parents and students have brought up those same throughout the public hearing process.

With the opportunity to make amendments to the plan at any time before the vote, the board says continued community feedback is critical.

“Nothing has been set in stone. We are taking feedback from the community and we haven’t made a decision. It’s important to note that whatever the board decides, we are hoping to do so being well informed and having received as much information and feedback as we can from the community,” says board member Rudy Monterrosa.

Another public hearing is scheduled for Wednesday at Nuner Primary at 5:30 p.m. Parents will have the opportunity to speak with Superintendent Dr. Ken Spells one-on-one about the plan.

You can also submit feedback online anonymously by clicking here.

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