Teacher speaks out about violence at Riley High School

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- A local teacher said her school is out of control!

Wait until you hear what happened when she tried to explain the situation to the school board!

The Riley High School teacher spoke out about the school’s safety at this week's school board meeting.

The board president cut her off, despite some disturbing claims.

She said her students assaulted an elderly woman and that a gun was brought to school.

"There was a 79-year-old lady punched in the face last week. Those students that were involved in that were my students that I've written up several times. There was gun at Riley, that they didn't find, because the kids got on their phones and told the kid," said the teacher.

The school board's response was short, and said she needed to follow the proper protocol for filling complaints.

"You come here very regularly and I've sort of held my tongue. It's time to recognize we have a structure and employees have to go through the structure before coming to the board and before addressing the board and there are ways to raise issues and complaints,” said a board member.

Towards the end of the teacher’s complaint you can hear her getting upset, and she even threatens to resign.

“I thank you very much for insulting me and not listening to me and thank you very much for not returning my phone calls,” said the teacher.

The corporation told ABC 57 on Wednesday that the principal and superintendent are taking these claims very seriously, and they have both meet with the teacher to hear her concerns.

The teacher is still an employee of the school corporation.

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