Teacher writes threat on chalkboard

LAKE STATION, Ind. -- An Indiana teacher may face charges for writing a threatening message on a chalkboard.

The note read, "You are idiots. The guns are loaded. Care to try me?"

Lake County police interviewed school administrators and students Monday and students claim the business teacher had a "meltdown" in class last week.

"I think he should get fired.  I don't think it's professional for him to be writing that on the board for his students," said Jocelyn Chavez, 10th grader.

"It's terrible. It needs to get resolved, and especially with kids going to school, they should be able to be OK," said Gia Parrillo, parent.

The teacher worked in the district for 28 years and has never been in trouble.

The superintendent says the teacher was not in school Monday and he would not be back.


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