Teams prepare for Sunday's Grand Prix Boat Races

MICHIGAN CITY, Ind. -- Michigan City's Washington Park is filled with more than just leisure boats on their docks, this weekend there are some new boats on the water, ones that are ready to race.

“It’s got a nice mystic of it, sun, water, I think everybody loves the beach, the sun, the water, what a great race track," says Tony Marcontonio, owner and driver of one of the racing boats.

Today was all about testing for the teams, as well as tweaking the mechanics.

Everyone racing this weekend is making sure their boat is properly balanced when it comes time to race.

“In a car you have one of everything, in a boat you have two. You know you have double the chance of something breaking," says Marcontonio. "There is drives, there is ignition boxes, there are watering systems, it is a pretty complex little piece of machinery, its all about balance of the boat.”

The fifth annual Great Lakes Grand Prix brought in ten boats for this race weekend.

Also in attendance are plenty of people enjoying the show along the beach.

“It isn’t everyday you get to watch boats that have tremendous horse power like these do and the speeds that they go, it’s amazing," says Dale Novack, Michigan City resident.

“Speed! It’s something different, you can see racing anywhere right. Well this is right in our front yard so it’s pretty exciting," says Dennis Williams, Michigan City resident.

The weather plays a big role and last year the rip currents were too strong to race. But this year, the weather is perfect.

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