Ted Cruz visits Bravo Cafe in Osceola

The staff at Bravo Cafe in Osceola got started to work early on Monday morning to prepare for Presidential Candidate Ted Cruz's visit.

At 9 a.m Cruz met with Hoosier voters at the restaurant.

“We have double staff, extra servers, extra cooks. They’re preparing special meals for today. They’re ready to cook breakfast,” said owner Joanne Limberopoulos.

She said they found out he would be coming just 24 hours prior and were thrilled he chose their Osceola restaurant. 

"I feel like it’s a new beginning for the area, for all of us. It gives me goose bumps to have someone here that important,” she added.

Cruz's visit in Osceola was one of five stops in Indiana Monday. Throughout the day he will travel to Marion, Fort Wayne, Bloomington, and Indianapolis. His pick for Vice President, Carly Fiorina, will be traveling with him also.

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