Temperatures will fall below zero

For many the snow it over, for everyone the bitter cold is setting in, temperatures fall to the single digits Sunday and will drop below zero by Monday morning. Temperatures will remain BELOW freezing for over a week. Dangerous cold, a wind chill of -20° or colder at times. Prepare yourself, children, pets and livestock of extreme cold and limit time outdoors through Tuesday. 

Lake Effect Snow: Saturday night through Sunday another 3" to 6" is possible in Southwest Michigan. A persistent westly wind will keep the lake effect snow machine going, light and steady. Extreme Nothern Indiana could see an additional 1" to 3" through Sunday evening. 

Tonight: Bitter cold. Snow showers and wind. Low 0. 

Sunday: Bitter cold. Lake effect snow showers. High 5.

Monday: Bitter cold Mostly cloudy. High 4.

Tuesday: Bitter cold. Partly cloudy. High 4. 

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