Test results in for I-Read 3

INDIANAPOLIS -- Scores from the first ever I-Read 3 test are back.

Dr. Tony Bennett, the Indiana School Superintendent, announced the results on Tuesday in Indianapolis.

Here is a break down of local schools:

  • 90 percent of Penn Harris Madison 3rd graders passed
  • 72 percent of South Bend students passed
  • 71 percent of Elkhart 3rd graders passed

The purpose of the test is to ensure students are capable readers by 4th grade.

"They're using data to drive instruction and it's data at the individual level.  I think that's a common thread of successful schools and if we can scale that among all schools in the state, I think we'll begin to crack this nut a little better," said Bennett.

Students who didn't pass the I-Read will be tested again this summer.

For a complete list of scores, go to: http://www.doe.in.gov/achievement/assessment/iread-3.

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