Testing begins at Whirlpool park for toxic chemicals

GREEN SPRINGS, Ohio -- Benton Harbor based Whirlpool Corporation is digging into a former park Tuesday hoping to find answers.

The EPA is overseeing the dig as crews pick up more than 300 samples and install 12 monitoring wells.

Whirlpool bought the land plot back in the 50s, and used it as a park for company employees and their families.

Last year, the EPA found evidence of possible toxic sludge buried beneath a basketball court.

Now the company is facing multi-million dollar lawsuits.

"We do believe in doing the right thing. We also know that people are looking for answers," said Whirlpool Vice President Jeff Noel. "Whether we'll find the answers at Whirlpool Park, we won't know until the science is completed." 

This sampling will take several weeks and Whirlpool is footing the $300,000 bill to complete it.

Contamination results should be ready by the early fall.

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