Text messaging celebrates 20th anniversary

A message full of holiday cheer reinvented communication 20 years ago. Dec. 3 marked the 20th anniversary of texting.

Merry Christmas was the famous message sent in the text.

Neil Papworth sent the message from a computer terminal at an office Christmas Party to one of his friends' cell phone.

Papworth spoke about his big accomplishment, not even realizing how big it was for the first 10 years.

"It wasn't until the 10th anniversary of text messaging that I realized like 'Wow, yeah, that was ten years ago, that was a big thing'. And here we are 10 years later and text messaging has gone on to even bigger and better things now," said Papworth.

Now, texting has gone on to become the most popular app in the world with 81 percent of cell phone users texting.

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