The Crossing teamed up in Elkhart to help students get back in school

NOW: The Crossing teamed up in Elkhart to help students get back in school

ELKHART, Ind.- A training program called The Crossing came together in Elkhart for Drop In Day.

The event is aimed at students who have dropped out of high school and gives them a chance to finish their education.

On Monday, throughout the state of Indiana The Crossing, hoped to transform the lives of students.

“We’ll be on the street, in high crime areas; we will be looking hard and using our students to try to recruit students who are not in school that we can provide a future in work as well as high school diploma,” says CEO Rob Staley.

According to Staley, they work with public schools all over the Hoosier state. “It’s a win for the kid because they’re back in school. It’s a win for the parents because they’re now supervised in a safe environment. It’s a win for the community.”

The Crossing started in 2003, with six students; 14 years later they’re looking at 10,000. At this Drop In Day event, the goal is to get 1,000 more students on board.

“Crossing is the best school I have ever been to, no exaggeration,” says Lou Rose a current student. “It’s God sent, literally.”

Lou Rose and Michael Hawkins both are involved with Crossing and both say this training program offered them another shot at being successful.

“I was so used to my past so when I made that transition it was weird, but I’m thankful for it because I am a better person now,” says Hawkins.

“The Crossing is more kids that need specific help and I really needed that. People here are like my brothers and sisters,” says Rose.

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