The driver who allegedly drove through a group of protesters makes his first court appearance

MISHAWAKA, Ind. – Pediatrician Glenn Wheet, the man accused of driving through a group of Black Lives Matter protesters in Mishawaka on the Fourth of July, made his first court appearance Tuesday, August 11th.

Investigators say Wheet was at the wheel of a silver SUV when he ignored more than a dozen orange traffic cones closing down the north bound lanes of the Main Street bridge. He hit four people, even dragging one, then running over more traffic cones before driving away.

Wheet allegedly told the protesters that he had the right to drive on the street and they were blocking traffic.

Wheet’s lawyer, Jeff Kimmell, put some blame on the Mishawaka Police Department for not giving more of a notice that the bridge is closed.

“I don’t know why Mishawaka police, if they were going to shut down a road that way would not have put up signs or at least stayed there to direct it to make sure it could be done safely,” Kimmell said.

Wheet has been charged with criminal recklessness with a trial date set for December 16th.

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