The first of four straight supermoons will rise this weekend

An unusual astronomical occurrence will happen over the next four months as every full moon thru May will be a supermoon

A supermoon is a moon that appears larger than normal because it is at its closest point to earth in its orbit. That is referred to as perigee. 

According to NASA, supermoons can appear upwards of 14% larger in diameter than the smallest of full moons.

That may seem like a significant number, but NASA wants you to know that to the naked eye supermoons are not substantially larger than a typical full moon. 

Still, they are sought after and do look quite stunning as they rise and set with scenery like barns, cities and bodies of water.

This weekend's supermoon -- also referred to as the Snow Moon because of it being February -- will rise Friday evening and linger thru Monday morning. 

The other supermoons will occur as follows:

          •March 9th: also referred to as the Full Worm Moon, Full Crown Moon, Crust Moon, Full Sap Moon, and the Lenten Moon.

          •April 8th: also referred to as the Full Pink Moon, Sprouting Grass Moon, Growing Moon, and the Egg Moon.

          •May 7th: also referred to as the Full Flower Moon, Full Corn Planting Moon and the Milk Moon.

While supermoons aren't uncommon or particularly rare, it is certainly a rarity to get a full moon supermoon four months in a row. 

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