The Grotto comes alive for Father Hesburgh

One of Notre Dame's most sacred and calm places has come alive. The Grotto has been bustling with students, staff, and residents paying their respects to Father Theodore Hesburgh.

The atmosphere at the Grotto was surreal. The nightfall, the hundreds of candles burning, and the faint sound of the church choir singing in the background, made for an emotional experience for everyone.

“The grotto is such a special place on any occasion but especially tonight,” says Christina McGuire, a student who came to pay her respects.

As the flames glimmered on the rocks above, students took a moment to reflect on the truly magnificent moment they were experiencing.

“It's kind of surreal,” says McGuire.

While the candles bearing Father Ted's name will eventually go dark, his place in history and in these students' hearts will shine forever. 

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