The Lerner Theatre postpones all March events

NOW: The Lerner Theatre postpones all March events

All events at The Lerner Theatre for the rest of the month have been postponed due to COVID-19 concerns, according to Mayor Rod Roberson.

Officials are working with the promoters of The Price is Right event to reschedule Friday's event. They will provide information for ticket holders at a later date.

If you have tickets for events in March, you will receive information about the rescheduled date soon.

Refunds be will reviewed individually. It is recommended that ticket-holders for the Price is Right wait until there is a reschedule.

“We have made this decision and are erring on the side of caution. This situation is ever-evolving and we, along with our healthcare and public safety officials, are continuing to evaluate the circumstances around future events," Roberson said.

“We appreciate your support and cooperation in helping protect our community. This is a tough situation for all venues across the country, but we are being proactive in the best interest of our patrons, employees, and artists visiting The Lerner,” said Michelle Frank, General Manager of The Lerner.

No other major cancellations or postponements have been planned but things can change as the situation does.

Officials recommend that you wash yours and not touch your face to prevent the spread of germs. Businesses are advised to disinfect their offices twice a day.

Visit The Lerner Theatre website for up to date information on events and dates for rescheduled events.

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