The Mascot Hall of Fame for children will begin opening to the public on Saturdays

WHITING, Ind. -- The Mascot Hall of Fame Children’s Museum has opened its doors after a year of closure due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The museum opened on April 3rd for members and is now open to the general public on Saturdays.

Executive Director Karen Anaszewicz said, “We are open to the public Saturdays only for now, but we are offering field trips, group outings, and room rentals Tuesday through Saturday. Our goal is to offer the safest, cleanest environment in which our guests can feel comfortable and confident during their visit.”

The museum has made several additions and upgrades over the time it was closed.

Business Developer Michele Gustin stated, “We have made some new additions to our floating mascot balloon heads, mascot kiosks, mascot videos, exhibits and even some healthy alternatives in our Wacky Snacks Concessions. We welcome everyone to come see who and what we are all about!”

For the safety of staff and guests, the Mascot Hall of Fame has implemented two 3-hour ticketing play sessions, which begin at 10:00 AM and 2:00 PM.

There is no guarantee for walk-ins.

To reserve your space and purchase tickets, go to or call 219-354-8814 for more information.

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