The moon of storms and deer

Fireworks are lighting up the night, and so is the moon!

I am always pleased when the Full Moon of July falls close to the 4th.  

I remember as a kid, we would always go over to Cedar Point to watch the fireworks.  That place is PACKED on the holiday, and there are only two ways out, so traffic is very hectic.  

One year, my dad suggested we take a moon bath on the beach to waste some time so the traffic would lighten up.  And, after that, it became a family tradition.  I have very fond memories of laying in the beach chairs very late at night staring out at the reflection on the moon on Lake Erie.

Anyhow, enough about me!  Let's talk about the moon!

This moon is nicknamed for two things: thunderstorms and deer.  Remember, the Native Americans came up with the names, so there is nothing in the Farmer's Almanac about independence or fireworks.

This month is one of the most frequent times of year for storms, so this moon is nicknamed the Thunder Moon!  Very ominous.  I love it!

The other nickname is the Full Buck Moon.  By July, many of the bucks are sprouting antlers, and thus the moon was named!

Other nicknames include:  The Full Hay Moon, Mead Moon, Ripe Corn Moon, Summer Moon, Hungry Ghost Moon (that one is from the ancient Chinese!), Crane Moon, Moon of the Middle Summer, Moon of Claiming, and the Rose Moon.

Enjoy!  And, Happy Independence Day!

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