"The Patriot Tour" stops in Berrien County

NOW: “The Patriot Tour“ stops in Berrien County

BRIDGMAN, Mich. – The Patriot Tour passed through Berrien County today as part of their 5000-mile journey across the United States.

The Patriot Tour is a group of volunteers driving fire and safety vehicles across the U.S. to celebrate the foundations the country is built on, like the Constitution, the founding fathers, and those fighting to defend the freedoms of Americans.

The group is touring this fall for what they consider to be a nation in crisis.

Volunteers want to rally behind something positive and uniting, and said they want to celebrate all that the U.S. stands for, like life, liberty, and justice.

The tour consists of five fire trucks and two SUVs.

The Patriot Tour will make stops in places like Tallahassee, FL, Phoenix, AZ, and Washington D.C.

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