The penny test: a simple trick to keep you on the road

 It's called the penny test, and it's crucial to know if you need new tires, especially if you're planning to hit the roads in bad conditions.

Ice and tires with little to no tread do not mix well. 

Here's how the "penny test" works:

    Take a penny. Make sure you can see Abraham Lincoln's face as you hold the penny between your thumb and finger.

    Put the penny inside one of the grooves in your tire, with Abe's head facing down.

    Take a look at the penny. If any part of Abe's head is covered, that means your tread is deep enough.

    If Abe's head isn't covered, you'll need new tires very soon.

You should make sure to check your tires often, and especially before you go out on the roads in poor driving conditions.

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