The search continues for missing Starke County man James Runkle

NOW: The search continues for missing Starke County man James Runkle

STARKE COUNTY, Ind.-- The search continues for 56-year-old James Runkle in Starke County.

"It’s is a nightmare," said Cheryl Runkle, wife of James Runkle.

It’s a nightmare come true for missing Starke County man, James Runkle’s wife and their family.

Runkle has been missing since Friday, September 20th. 

His wife, Cheryl, recalls the morning she last saw her husband.

Runkle had a doctors appointment at 1 p.m., then was set to pick up their granddaughters from school around 3 p.m.

“He said yea, i'll be there by 3 o’clock no problem. I said what time is your appointment, he said 1:30. I said are you going to work first? He said no, i'm going to go fishing like I do," said Cheryl.

Runkle, described as an outdoors man, was last seen through security footage of a local gas station traveling North on 35 with his orange kayak in his trunk.

His wife, remembering the last words said to each other that morning.

“I love you, i’ll see you at three, have a good day. I said okay, I love you too. I’ll see you at three, have a good day," said Cheryl.

James never showed up to either obligation.

Cheryl tells me, he has no cell phone. His newly purchased truck equipped with OnStar. Since it was never set-up, OnStar can’t locate his car.

With few leads, she says the community is stepping up to find him.

“Oh my god, its just overwhelming. Every single post I saw is just of him. People are looking everywhere," said Cheryl. 

As the search continues, The Church of Heartland Starke County will be holding a meeting Monday night to gather a search team to locate James.

“Some people were bringing food to Cheryl, some people were praying, some people have connections in the outdoor and fishing community. So everyone is kind of using the connections they have and the people that they know and Facebook. It’s just really unique to see all the little fingers going out there to show our support and do what little we can do to find out what happened," said Heath Hiatt, Pastor at Church of Heartland Starke County.

The Starke County Sheriffs Office tells me as of right now there’s no new information in the investigation.

James Runkle is described as 6 feet 2 inches tall, 210 pounds with a bald head and brown eyes last seen wearing a green shirt and camouflage pants.

Anyone with any information is urged to contact the Starke County Sheriffs Office.

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