The search is on for teen charged with murder

The search is on for an 18-year-old who police believe gunned down the mother of his newborn on Friday in Mishawaka.


On Monday Mishawaka Police surrounded a home after a tip came in that the suspect was hiding out at a residence just a block away from the crime scene in the 1200 block of West 6th Street. The suspect Tyron Johnson was not there. 

Tim Corbett said, “Not only did he run that little girl down and kill her, he left three little kids out in the middle of the street that could have been hit by a car, could have been bit by a dog, could have been picked up by a pervert in a van or whatever.”

The coroner confirmed that Precious Jackson died from her gunshot wounds. Metro Homicide Commander Tim Corbett said several children were with Jackson when she was gunned down. 


Police believe her killer is the father of her 1-month-old baby.


Corbett said, “Who's guna hide a guy like that you kills a girl? and leaves his own child in a stroller? that's a coward. That's a punk.”


crimestoppers is offering aaward for tips that can lead to johnson's arrest.


And metro homicide is bringing in multiple michiana resources to capture a teen they say is armed and dangerous.


Tim corbett, metro homicide commander sot: “we'll use whatever organizations that we can. Whoever we think necessary.”


sources tell me johnson's mother is cooperating with metro homicide and she lives just a block from where the deadly shooting happened.


Corbett says precious jackson's murder will not go unpunished.


Tim corbett, metro homicide commander sot: “as far as tracking him? well get um.”


(alex live)

michiana crimestoppers has an anonymous tip line if you know tyron johnson's whereabouts. Police describe him as about 5'5 and 170 pounds.


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