The South Bend community gathers for prayer for Tyler Brown who was recently shot

NOW: The South Bend community gathers for prayer for Tyler Brown who was recently shot

SOUTH BEND, Ind -- Community activists, family, and friends unify for prayer service for Tyler Brown, who was recently shot.

Tyler was shot while sitting in the passenger seat of his father's SUV and according to those close to the case, Tyler was hit in the head.

Since then, the 15 year old has been hospitalized and fighting for his life, while community activists say the city needs to come together.

"Everybody’s affected by this and it just has to stop. We have to find a way to begin to love one another as human beings," said community activist Lynn Coleman.

Hundreds of people filling the parking lot at Leepers Park, so that they could be as close to Tyler as possible, as he recovers across the street at Memorial Hospital.

One friend leading the youth in prayer, after having Tyler's peers speak about how they feel.

"I feel like it was God. Like I told my cousin I said I don’t even remember what I said when I went up there. I just felt like emotional," said childhood friend Katlyn Nicholson.

Emotional not only for Katlyn who has been friends with Tyler since elementary school, bur for everyone standing around listening to her speak faith into Tyler and his family.

"Like everyone was like it’s ok, it’s ok. It wasn’t a sad feeling it was like a happy feeling. A jump of God inside of me. it just felt so good to see all the youth come down," 

The crowd drawing in families along with former and current teammates as they support Tyler through an emotional and difficult time.

"With so many kids that have been touched by Tyler, we thought it was important to bring people as close as we cold to the hospital Leeper Park tennis courts and have a time of prayer so that these young people can be part of the blessing and the miracle," said Tyler's uncle Pastor Canneth Lee.

At last check we're told nobody has been arrested as a suspect as Tyler continues to fight for his life, while family and friends on the outside continue to pray and advocate for the 15 year old Tyler Brown.

If you know anything about what happened, you are encouraged to call Metro Homicide or Michiana Crime Stoppers at (574) 888-STOP.

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