The storm is gone, but power outages are still here

South Bend, Ind. –  Well the storm is over, but South Bend neighbors are still suffering from the damage.  Indiana Michigan Power told ABC 57 around four o’clock this evening that 3,200 people across St. Joseph County are still without power.  It is pitch black on Fairview Avenue in South Bend and what you cannot see is the heat neighbors are suffering through.

Little Zack Jackson and his family are doing anything they can to stay cool without power.

“We have an eight month old baby.  That is the worst thing for us. We do not know how he is going to react.  He is cranky already.  He is teething and has a fever and the heat does not make it any better”, said Fairview Avenue neighbor, Chuck Jackson.

The Jacksons have been without power since yesterday and they say the absence of air conditioning is not the only problem from this power outage.

“We are keeping what we can in coolers”, said Jackson.

It is also affecting their pocketbook.  They have already had to throw out $200 worth of groceries.

“It is bad, because I am self-employed right now.  My wife is on unemployment and the little bit of money we do have that is usually where it goes between rent and unemployment”, said Jackson.

The Jacksons are not the only ones suffering.  One family was so desperate to save their groceries they borrowed power from the neighbor across the street.

“These guys are at a hotel right now.  The lady next door is an older lady and she has no television or air conditioning”, said Jackson.

Indiana Michigan Power says restoration for St. Joe County could take until late tomorrow night, but Chuck Jackson says that is not soon enough.

“It is ridiculous.  According to the website they go to the people with the most outages well St. Joe County is at the top of the list for outages and we are not being helped right now”, said Jackson.


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