The time is now for apple picking

NOW: The time is now for apple picking

Today will a great one to get out to a u-pick farm after work or even during the day, if you have the day off. Highs are warmer this afternoon in the mid to upper 70s, the wind will calm down a bit for today, and we're still dealing with sunshine. The warmer weather, though, will eventually come back, so if you were planning on waiting for cooler days in a row, we might not have that for some time.

We're still under a pattern where warmer than normal temperatures are possible, especially for the southeastern corner of Michiana. And this is the time of the year where are normal high temperatures should be in the upper 60s for a few of us to the north and we're just not seeing that as of late. Also, for apples especially, warmer weather speeds up the ripening process, so you'll likely notice more apples on the ground, compared to normal. That's all the more reason to take care of the apple picking this week.

Extreme heat typically ruins part of the total harvest, but, luckily, we're not expecting high heat. There will be a good times this week to get outside, especially today and Thursday with mostly sunny skies and highs still in the 70s. With the rain coming Wednesday, it won't be the best day with scattered showers and a few storms. 

And if you are planning on heading out to a u-pick farm, or you just want to spend time outside, the allergies won't be too bad this week. In fact, the ragweed allergy season is starting to wind down and it's starting to show on the 5-day forecast. Everything's on the low to medium side throughout the rest of the week, with little uptick with the possibility of warming temperatures into the weekend and next week.

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