The UAW aims to organize 13 non-union automakers including Tesla, Toyota and Lexus

After striking against Detroit's Big Three, the United Auto Workers union is looking to organize at 13 different non-union automakers.

In today's announcement, the union said the organizing drive will cover 150,000 autoworkers at non-union manufacturers, including big names like Tesla, Toyota, Nissan, Lexus and Hyundia.

Throughout the unions strike against the big three, the UAW president, Shawn Fain, promised membership would expand to non-union companies.

"It's not just the Big Three," says Fain. "It's across the auto industry. CEOs are ranking in billions, while auto workers real wages are falling." 

One of the largest campaigns anticipated is at the Georgetown, Ky. assembly plant for Toyota, where nearly 8,000 workers make Camrys, Rav4s and Lexus vehicles.

General Motors reports its earnings took a hit from the UAW strike, approximately $1.1 billion. 

Despite the costly six-week strike, GM says they'll absorb the costs.

When things returning to some semblance of normal, the company still expects to turn a profit, though GM plans to cut capital spending.

Senator Bernie Sanders (VT) took to X on Wednesday, November 29 to congratulate the UAW and their efforts to unionize the 150,000 non-union workers at auto-maker companies, saying, "We cannot expand and strengthen the middle class without a vibrant, strong and growing trade union movement."

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