The Undertones wow crowds across the country

NOW: The Undertones wow crowds across the country

Their sweet voices have wowed crowds across the country. The Undertones are an all-male a cappella group made up of students from the Notre Dame Glee Club.

"We have two different styles of singing. Glee Club is more chorale. We do folk songs. We do classical music," said Kevin Warten, Music Director of The Undertones.

"We all started out as Glee Club members," said Gregory Corning, President of The Undertones.

"When they get to The Undertones, it's mostly pop music, rock music," Warten said.

"The first time I auditioned for The Undertones, I didn't beat box in my audition and I didn't make The Undertones," said Dan Docimo, Beat Box.

"It really is just this group of 12 best friends and it's nice to hang out together and share these experiences together," Warten said.

"To try and take a song that isn't your own and then try to put a cool spin on it takes a lot of effort," Rahul Ramani, the Tour Manager of The Undertones, said.

"It's just something that we love. An outlet from school and classes.  We all embrace it," Warten said. "The confidence we get from performing, there is so much that we gain from this group."

If you'd like to see The Undertones perform they have a winter concert on December 8th at 8 pm at Washington Hall.

Tickets are $5 and can be purchased at the LaFortune box office or at the door.

Click here to visit The Undertones website.

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