The University of Notre Dame holding a Convalescent Plasma Donation Drive

SOUTH BEND, Ind. – The University of Notre Dame is hosting a Convalescent Plasma Donation Drive on Wednesday, November 4 and Thursday, November 5.

The drive is for students, staff, and faculty to help with COVID-19 treatment efforts.

“People who’ve recovered from COVID-19 have antibodies to the disease in their blood. Medical professionals call this convalescent plasma, and it’s a promising treatment option physician are using to help severely ill patients recover from the virus,” said South Bend Medical Foundation President, Dr. Joyce Simpson.

Notre Dame sophomore, Robbie Duncheskie wanted to find a way to bring positive aspects into the global pandemic, his idea to this was to have a Convalescent Plasma Drive on campus according to officials.

“Surely with all of these students that now have antibodies to the disease, we could make a positive effort on the South Bend community,” said Duncheskie.

Baumer Hall student government leaders are also working with Duncheskie to sponsor the drive.

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